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            The Race to 9 Billion Podcast

            Did you know that in?35 years the world population is projected to grow by 35 percent??At this rate, there will be?more than 9 billion people on planet Earth by 2050.
            Mega trends like this?are redefining our economy and our society with big implications for environmental science and technology. The
            ?Race to 9 Billion, now in its second season with host John Mandyck, Chief Sustainability Officer, United Technologies, explores?sustainability in a rapidly growing and urbanizing world and the innovations?that will help shape tomorrow.


            "At UTC, we often see the world through?the lens of the technologies we develop for aviation, buildings and food -- and how each will fill a valuable need for our sustainable future," said Mandyck.?"On?The Race to 9 Billion, we talk to the people who are developing and using some remarkable strategies and technologies that can lead us to a more sustainable environmental future, even in a more crowded world."

            You can listen to?The Race to 9 Billion?podcast on iTunes, Google Play, and www.raceto9billion.com.

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