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            Honoring Our Veterans at United Technologies

            Celebrating Veterans Day 2018

            United Technologies is proud to support military personnel, veterans and their families.

            United Technologies is proud to employ more than 6,700 veterans, who, like Angelo Adams and Dan Gay, have sacrificed to serve and fight for our freedom.

            Angelo Adams, regional director of New England at Otis served with the United States Army within the 82nd Airborne Division. Angelo is an active member of Elevets, an employee resource group that supports veterans and active military personnel. He recognizes the parallels between his service and his job at Otis.

            “We work together to meet the customers’ needs,” said Angelo. “You’re depending on your leaders to make sure you get home safely and you’re also depending on them to make sure the mission gets accomplished.”

            Dan Gay, material support team manager at United Technologies Aerospace Systems is currently in the Air National Guard, and previously served in the Marines with two tours overseas in Baghdad. Dan was inspired to join the military to gain leadership skills. He credits UTC for being supportive of his choice to remain on active duty during his employment.

            “United Technologies is definitely supportive of my service in the military, and the people I see around me,” said Dan. “They really are accommodating, and I can’t thank the company enough for that.”

            At UTC, we recognize the contributions that military personnel, veterans, and their families make to our country, our company and our communities. We thank all the men and women who have served and wish them a happy Veterans Day.

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